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ISB WrestleMania III
Official WrestleMania III Logo


Los Angeles, CA


April 5th, 2009

Theme Songs

"Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'N Roses and "Shoot To Thrill" by AC/DC

WrestleMania III hailed from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. To many, it is considered the best and most successful WrestleMania event to date. Like it's predecessors, WrestleMania III featured a number of different matches and feuds, including the return of the Money in the Bank Ladder, the first ECW Championship match, and the first time SmackDown's World Championship was defended. It was the first WrestleMania to feature two theme songs.

Road to WrestleMania III

The road to WrestleMania III began at the 2009 Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View in January. The official logo (which is pictured on the top right) was unveiled, as well as the location for the event. Like WrestleMania 2, M_uNiT2k5 made the logo, and had the Superstars of the ISB choose between different variations of the logo. Also, like the previous two WrestleMania events, only RAW and SmackDown were the featured brands, as the ECW brand had still been untouched since it's demise in early 2008. Shortly before the event, the ECW Championship was brought back to the SmackDown Brand.


Going into WrestleMania III, RAW had plenty of feuds that needed to culminate at the event. A heated feud between jeff_hardy_rulz and ECW_Owns had been brewing for months, but at the last minute, jeff_hardy_rulz pulled out of the match when he decided that he needed time off from the ISB. ECW_Owns, who showed up for the match, was declared the winner. RAW also featured Impact, Pure and X Division title matches. The biggest match for RAW, and the main event of the evening, saw two former partners take on each other RAW's top prize. SJDubya24 had won the 2009 Royal Rumble match, and had chosen to face Generation-Now at WrestleMania III. Though Gen-Now retained, many look at the match between the two as a classic, and one of the best mathes in the history of WrestleMania.


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Official Match Results

1 ArRoNrOsS def. cardiffcam & staple_gun Triple Threat
2 Astus def. Firefly-Version1.0 Singles
3 nickawesome710 def. SuperChaos002 via no show Singles
4 La Eminent def. Maliks Al Maut to retain the SD Tag Team Championship Tag Team
5 wwefnfurlife def. Shadowafs8 & KeepinItReal4 to win the RAW Pure Championship Triple Threat
6 NHL426 def. -Lex-Nox- to win the RAW Impact Championship via no show Singles
7 zilaboy vs. StormRuin went into overtime, and had to be finished on SmackDown Singles
8 KaneIsRaw13 def. Serpent22 to Retain the RAW X Division Championship Singles
9 Bigbyrd39 def. 7 SmackDown Superstars to win Money in the Bank Ladder
10 HaasGotSkill def. rhysus2005 Singles
11 M_uNiT2k5 vs. 619isDeadly ended in a draw as Hitman_Hart could not determine a winner Singles
12 ECW_Owns def. jeff_hardy_rulz via no show. 3 Stages of Hell
13 Punkonator12 def. US Champion Random_Hero_Scog to retain the SD World Championship Singles
14 Generation-Now def. SJDubya24 to retain the RAW World Championship Singles